Contains the Reports of Transcations in Sales, Purchases, Items & Inventory, Manufacturing, Fixed Assets, Banking & General Ledger

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Inquiries And Reports In Accounting Software

Sales, Purchase Quotation

Customer Transcation Inquiry

Customer Allocation Inquiry

Maintanence And Reports In Accounting Software

Add and Manage Customers

Sales Groups

Recurrent Invoices

Customer Branches


An inventory management consists of Reports about the stocks and its categories, Suppliers, Customers, Sales, Purchases and Outstandings.

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Outstandings in Sales/Purchases

Total Payment in Purchase

Total Payment in Sales

Total Balance in Purchase

Total Balance in Sales

Payment Transcation in Sales/Purchases

Shows the payment Transaction of Sales

Shows the payment Transaction of Purchase

School Management Software

Software that provides all the functionalities which are usefull for institutions, schools and college's.

Having the modules of Administration, HR-Department, Staff, Inventory, Payroll, Accounting and etc,.

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Main Features

Having SMS alert integration

Online fee payment option

Online admission

Assignments, Attendance, Time-table


We are providing bulk-SMS in two ways like Transcational-SMS and Promotional-SMS.It is very much cost effective, secure and having most advanced features.

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  • Promotional SMS stand out with maximum view rates.
  • Promotional Bulk SMS Service is feasible for any type of business.
  • Firms feasibly can drop a SMS to convey promotional information to bulk population anywhere anytime.
  • is the effective way to connect bulk population with product launches.
  • Transcational-SMS
  • Hospitals
  • Registered banks
  • E-commerce companies
  • E-ticketing agencies
  • Railways
  • Airlines