Opensource CMS customization

We at KR Globaltech take great pride in providing the best and the most feasible opensource CMS optimization services.With the availability of a large number of developers, plugins, user, etc; it gives a feeling of flexibility, innovation along with abudance of features.

Now let it be Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, or any kind of open source CMS, they all provide easy and flexible means to customize your organization needs. In addition to that we are one of the best choices that you have for mission critical open source management solutions and services.

Value for Money

Our CMS is based on the open source business model. So therefore, you can easily confirm that it helps in reducing the cost as well as the sales effort without making adjustments in the realiability and quality which matters the most. Basically, a short end sales cycle will help you to allocate more resources to your vendor.

Unlimited and Continuous Support

We always ensure to provide continous and uncanny support to our customers at any time and any day. It is our prime priority to ensure that the installation is done by professionals and even configuration is as per the common standard’s that are set. Once the solution is in the live stage, then they stand by and help you with any kind of issues that arise.

Core CMS Functionality

Our core CMS solution consist of a browser based user-interface, instant and proper editing, readable web address, role-based user manangement, full-functionable text search, integrated document management and the list goes on and on.

Digital Asset Management

Video files, Image, and audio can be easily added to the website created by 3gensoftsolutions. This possible due to the presences of pluggable DAM (Digital Asset Management) environment. Various features like automatic image cropping and resizing, image gallery, meta-data management are also included in the CMS solution.